Close To Greatness~ 10 Worst NBA Tattoos

In the NBA, it is rare to see these young and affluent male athletes without tattoos up and down their bodies.  Most players have one or no tats while others can have obscene amounts all over their bodies.  The list below is a list of ACTIVE players only, otherwise Dennis Rodman would take an easy first.  Here they are, starting at number 10.

 10.Deron William’s tattoo of a panther looks like a black blob from a distance, which is why he’s starting us off at number 10.
Stephen Jackson has two hands clasped together to pray, but in between his the hands are a gun.  What a role model!
Here is Memphis Grizzly player Gilbert Arenas.   He figured that getting a tiger tattooed on his chest was a good idea…
Michael Beasley had this inked, saying “Super Cool Beas” and “God’s Son”  Every time I see it, I am quick to assume that it says Super Cool Beans, but it doesn’t and then I am quickly disappointed.
Kenyon Martin, Kenyon Martin, Kenyon Martin…  He must’ve been drunk when he decided that he wanted a pair of red lips on his neck, because that’s absolutely absurd.
Why Marquis Daniels or anybody would want this permanently on their body is insane.  The tattoo on the right says “Only The Strong Survive”, but the image below is a man blowing his head off.  Just crazy.
Chinese characters are usually normal tattoos, but not in Shawn Marion’s case.  He got these characters because he thought they meant “The Matrix” which is his nickname.  But they actually mean “Demon Bird Moth Balls”.
Both of DeShawn Stevenson’s tattoos are ridiculous.  The first one, on his back, is his name with his jersey number.  The tattoo on the right is why he gets this number 3 spot.  It is a picture of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.  Why the fives around him you ask?  It’s because his friends couldn’t recognize the man in the middle, so he put the fives around him so they could recognize Mr. Lincoln.
J.R. Smith is one of the most inked up players in the NBA.  It is just sad that someone would want all of these images up and down their body.
There really is nothing to say about this guy, Chris “Birdman” Anderson.  The saddest part is that he didn’t always look like that…
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