Close To Greatness~ Metta World Peace

Metta World Peace is at it again.  Last Sunday he threw an elbow at Oklahoma City’s James Harden.  This incident comes at the worst possible time, as the Lakers will miss him for 6 games in the playoffs.  Also, he was playing so well, like the young Ron Artest used to play.  It is just unfortunate that he chooses to snap like that, because he plays so well when his head is screwed on right.  But sometimes a screw comes loose…  He is not new to multi-game suspensions, though.  If you watch basketball, then I’m sure you remember the Malice at the Palace when he fought a fan in the stands an got a lengthy 86-game suspension.  Also in 2007, he was charged with a seven-game suspension for his no-contest plea on a domestic violence charge.  He can be such a great team player when he chooses to, and the Lakers and all of their fans hope he continues to choose to.

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